All-Ivy Plus

This Web site may be on hiatus, but the All-Ivy Plus is not!

All-Ivy Plus is a cooperative effort among the local alumni organizations of the Ivy League institutions and other well-regarded schools. While the alumni of these individual schools are well-represented on the East and West Coasts, in the middle of the country we can be spread a little thin. The intent of All-Ivy Plus is to increase social and networking opportunities among our alumni, and to enable these clubs to build on each other’s operational successes.

Because the coordination between local alumni organizations is fairly loose, and club leaders tend to come and go, the purpose of this Web site is not only to help alumni connect with their own colleges’ alumni groups, but to facilitate communication between leaders of those organizations. The first community to publish All-Ivy Plus information on this site is Utah, but we welcome the participation of other communities employing (or exploring!) this model of collaboration.

If you’d like your alumni group to be involved with a listed All-Ivy Plus community, or if you’d like to publish information about your All-Ivy Plus local community, please contact Jeremy Rosenberger at jlr4 at cornell dot edu. Thanks for visiting!